IRA is taking fashion to a whole new frontier by being the world's first design crowd-sourcing machine learning enabled manufacturing platform. At IRA, we believe in the marriage of technology and fashion. Its crowd-sourcing & collaboration model addresses the challenges that unemployed artisans and designers encounter. The platform is based on machine learning that analyses designs, curates them in batches and eliminates duplicates.


Within a year of operation, IRA-House of Designers had been conferred with the prestigious Digital India Awards organized by TIMES NETWORK for Digital Enterprise Manufacturing. Founder of IRA, Dr Som Singh was presented the award by India’s Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Mr Jayant Sinha. IRA was felicitated for being a first of its kind initiative to have taken the first move towards Digital India by successfully using ICT and digital tools in integrating people, processes and data to achieve business transformation and growth and thereby creating a positive impact on society.

India has a huge pool of untapped creative talent where most do not have a design degree or financial backing to start-up. IRA has given them a platform where designers under the label get a royalty on sales and branding. IRA is also using a shared manufacturing model that has off late become a ubiquitous concept. This kind of model has disrupted our industry and we are mutually benefitting from the rise of collaborative consumption and the proliferation of asset-sharing. Its highly cost-effective.


Our smart algorithm crawls across data sources to predict and analyze customer preferences and habits and thus customize according to their needs. By engaging directly with the worldwide community, IRA is lowering the fashion industry's barriers to entry and giving everyone the opportunity to not only shape a brand but also share in its profits. has been able to provide sustainable income to over hundreds of designers earning thousands every month.