Posted on by Somdutta Singh

It’s not failure but fear of failure that ends dreams. You need to commit to your dream to see yourself in action. Tanvi realised it a few years ago. And she decided to fight her fears. Now 29, Tanvi knows following your heart is the only way to realise your dreams. “If you start worrying too much you will never be able to follow your passion,” she says.


Three years ago, she said goodbye to her career in journalism to start her journey into the field of design. She had everything, a well-paying job and a supportive family, but still there was a void. Such was her passion for design and fashion that despite no formal training or degree in fashion, she decided to start designing because this was something she “loved” doing. “I had always been inclined towards colours and creativity. Be it at work or home, I was always doling out style advice to friends and colleagues,” she says.


Designing for herself from a very young age, Tanvi was known for her creativity, from the wall painting to the sketches she made. Never did she throw away her art work, as she knew the value of it.


Giving up a stable job and setting aside her professional skills so that she can pursue her passion was a big step for her. However, she wasn’t sure and the search led her to IRA – house of designers.


She found IRA model to be simple. “You just need to submit your best designs and they revert in a weeks’ time if your design is approved. Finding the right platform is never easy and I am glad to be part of it.”


Hailing from a small town in Jammu, making a name for herself in the field of design is not that easy. Tanvi learnt about different kinds of fabrics and design elements, with regular visit to the IRA store in Koramangala.


While most designers of her age were turning towards Western wear to make some quick bucks, Tanvi believed in the path less travelled and chose to design sarees. “I grew up seeing my grandmother, mother and famous personalities like Maharani Gayatri Devi and Indira Gandhi wearing sarees with great elegance,” she says, “so it was an obvious choice.”

Besides the desire to do something different, William also wanted to make sarees popular among young women. “It’s a total myth that these are difficult to wear or carry,” she says.


Her attitude towards design was very well appreciated by the core team at IRA, as it was innovative. “I was afraid of taking the plunge, but this jump was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life. I am grateful.” she adds


She looks at the future with an open mind. “I never played by the rules and my journey till now has been a testimony to it,” she says. She is a dreamer who doesn’t let the norms crush her dreams and for now she wants to keep dreaming and keep creating.