Posted on by Somdutta Singh

As per Sudanese-British model and designer, Alek Wek, “The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by.”

If you are wondering, why did we start the blog with that quote?

Let me break it down, we humans cherish memories and graduation is one such important days in our life. Dressing up for graduation day to capture your best self, can confuse. The question which you ask yourself n number of times, what should I be wearing?


In order to avoid the clouds of doubt, we have prepared a carefully sought checklist for you. You can look this up and find yourself a step-by-step guide of getting ready for the G-Day.  Here we go! 

Choosing the right kind of saree

Though we have been neglecting the importance of ‘right’ fabric while choosing our outfit, but fabric plays an important role in how your saree turns out to be. Girls must pick up the fabric that compliments their body-type.


Designers have always reiterated the importance of the fabric saying that the finale look of the saree comes out the best if the fabric complements your body type. Saree can only be draped best when the fabric becomes one with the body, we must remember.

 Choosing the correct hues and shades

 Like fabric, the hues are equally important. Saree is the colourful outfit that gives you the freedom of playing with various shades and hues. And it is up to us to choose those multiple hues judicially. If the event is a day event then pastel shades like peach, orange, sea-green, sky-blue is a great choice. While if the event is an evening chore then pick bold shades like navy blue, magenta, hot pink, black, etc. shades of yellow like mustard can go for both day and night events.


Blouse is the ultimate accessory

Experimentation with the blouse is the new cool. Corsets, Back less, Peter pan, Chinese collar, high neck, halter neck are the various kinds of blouse styles that are in trend these days.

Dressing the saree up

The overall presentation of saree depends on three things- perfect drape, perfect hair and good earrings. Hair and earrings are the two gems that give your outfit the ultimate boost.

 Do not forget to put on the best in town footwear

At your G-day, pay careful attention to everything even your shoes. Since saree is itself a discomforting outfit try to choose comfortable footwear like platform heels. Though, if you are comfortable with heels why not wear the most beautiful shoe available in market.


  • Chiffon is the magic fabric that looks great on everybody.
  • A blouse that is same in hue as your saree’s fabric makes you look taller. 

Simplify your shopping experience and hope you have the best graduation day experience. Also check out IRA – house of design for the trending ethnic wear designs.