Posted on by Somdutta Singh

We are sure you would have noticed that cold shoulder tops are everywhere, unless you have been living under a rock. This style has become so commonplace, lately, it feels like it’s easier to find cold shoulder tops than regular ones.

Unlike off the shoulder tops, cold shoulder tops allow you to move more freely without having to readjust your top constantly. To clarify, the difference between the off the shoulder (OTS) trend and the cold shoulder trend. OTS tops and dresses have no support or straps around the shoulder. Plainly, they are meant to be worn pulled down around the top part of your arms.  Now, cold shoulder dresses and tops have some type of support on the shoulders, be it a spaghetti strap or other wider style strap, with an opening where the shoulder is, and then connecting again at the arms to create a sleeve.  The difference is one bears more skin than the other.  One provides more support (you can wear a bra) than the other.

Reasons to buy cold shoulder tops

  • It fits all body types

It just works, it is tough to not pull off the cold shoulder look. All body types look good in an off the shoulder top.

  • The style looks good on women of all ages

Same as body type, all ages look good, as the trend just doesn’t fit one age group of women. From a toddler to a grandma, the trend will flatter all ages.

  • Many options to choose from

Literally, you have loose fit, long, cropped, tight fit, baggy, the options are endless and they all work!


No matter what you mix and match a cold shoulder top with, it still looks great. From mom jeans, to culottes, to flairs or skinny jeans it’s a perfect match for the off the shoulder top!

     Why the Cold Shoulder Dress Trend Would Look Good on You?

    Now, why should you love the cold shoulder trend in spring and summer?  Simply stated, We think that the shoulders are some of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body.  And it’s a great way to show off some skin, if you will, without being too trashy.  It’s also a great update on a basic shirt (that we all have a million of) so why not switch it up a bit?  You don’t have to spend a fortune on a cold shoulder top or dress to try the trend.  

    Here’s a little advice when making your first cold shoulder trend purchase.  Try on multiple styles to experiment with the fit.  Not all tops and dresses will fit the same.  If the arms are too tight? Find a cold shoulder top that has no elastic band around the arm.  If the fit isn’t flattering, wait on it and try a different store with another style of cold shoulder pieces.  They are all going to fit in their own way, so don’t judge until you’ve given a few pieces, at different stores, a try.