With summer of 2019 officially upon us, it is time to think fashion and trends to wear. We have rounded up the latest happening street trends for this summer. Here we go.

The season for suits

An unique wear that has never been seen before is the boiler suits and that have become the latest trend, thanks to functionality added to its fashionability. Just pick the cut and colour and enjoy this sassy yet comfy wear for this summer


The lavender hues

We fashionista have always been weak when it comes to flowery tones and hues. For this summer its lavender



The old puff is back

Back in 80s and 90s puff shoulders made its round and became popular. Well they are back and this time they are even more trendier.

The coloured tartans

We all know leopard prints and its fashion sense. But tartan has also started making its mark amongst business fashionista. What not this summer you get to wear them in ranging colours according to your moods. 



A patchy summer

Summers can be parchy but these patched up wear can never be out of trend. It gets as colourful as it can get creative.