Posted on by Somdutta Singh

Swami Vivekananda has rightly said, “Take risks in your life, if you win, you can lead! If you lose, you can guide!” When I’d read this the first time, something stirred within me. I thought, why can’t I be a winner, a guide and chase my passion while also taking everyone along with me on my journey? That’s precisely what got me thinking about creating IRA and its one-of-a-kind operation model – crowdsourcing.


There were 3 things at the back of my head.

a) I wanted to start a fashion label
b) there’s a mountain of creative talent in India, talent that is neither realized nor acknowledged
c) the fashion industry is a tough nut to crack. My endeavor was; how do I bridge this widening gap? In came the idea of fashion crowdsourcing.


Amateur designers, housewives, students, anyone with a creative flair send in their designs to us, we manufacture the apparels and on sale, the designers earn a royalty.  Self-sustainability, liberation and empowerment are just a few things that come along the way.


All things said and done, I wasn’t content. I wanted to do something larger than life that would showcase to the world the exceptional undertaking that was underway. Opening a store in Phoenix Marketcity, one of the largest malls not just in Bangalore, probably all of South India, was just a stepping stone, a feat very few embark upon. From the word go, I knew the risks were high. But then, my entire life has always been about taking the risks no one else would take. I have always swum against the tide.


The IRA store is now open in the Phoenix  mall. It sparkles and glistens under the spotlights. But, what is definitely a great opportunity did not transpire in a day or two. It took massive amounts of efforts to emerge the way it is today. Never-ending mall guidelines, endless nights of hard-work, persistent coordination with the architects, creating an engaging retail design and customer experience took near about 60 days to pay off. The results are in front of you to witness –  India’s first crowdsourced fashion label that’s empowering 100s of creative minds across India to lead independent lives.