Posted on by Somdutta Singh

Every soon to-be-bride spends a hell lot of time searching for the one perfect lehenga that’ll make their D-day worth remembering and cherishing for a lifetime! While many Indian brides go for the traditional red, nowadays, the trend is radically shifting with brides who aren’t playing safe and opting for a variety of colours and ditching red. However too many choices may leave you confused! We’re here to sort out things for you. We’ll tell you which type of lehenga you should choose based on your complexion.

 Fair complexioned brides

If you have a fair skin tone, you have a wide variety of colours to choose from. As most colours look good on your skin tone, prefer the ones that will look best on you on your D-day. Opt for any shade of blue or bright shades of pink and red. Among other favourites this season, you can pick up your dress in tangerine.


However, avoid soft shades of brown and grey as they tend to fade away in front of your complexion.

For ones who have a wheatish Complextion

While most colours go well with wheatish complexion, we have some suggestions that best suit this skin tone. Just pick up any of those colours that will bring out the warmth in your complexion. Some of best options for you are tangy orange, saffron yellow, vibrant shades of red and hot pink.


Other than the traditional red or pink, you can pick your bridal outfit in this season’s hot favourites, mint green or royal blue colour as well. However, medium shades like beige, toasted almond, grey, etc., should be avoided as they tend to mix with your skin tone and make you look unflattering.

Dusky Complextion

If you have an olive skin tone, then you are one lucky girl because you can not only pull off any rich colour but dark colours equally well! So, colours like classic blue, orange and brick red are perfect for you.

In addition, metallic silver will also flatter your face pretty well. However, neon bright shades are something that you must not consider for your bridal dress.

Happy wedding shopping!