Posted on by Somdutta Singh

For any woman, her bridal lehenga is that one attire she’ll hold close to her heart for life. In that lehenga, she adds a new leaf to her life’s journey so without a doubt, every bride wants her lehenga to be absolutely mesmerizing and perfect to say the least. But what might look good on a catalogue may not look good in reality.

In order to find the perfect fit, every bride should shop according to her body type. If you know how to shop according to your body shape, you will find a lehenga which will make you look like a dream. Here are the things that you must consider while shopping for your wedding lehenga:

  • Avoid Layering

Layers can be ‘the trend’ of the season but only for the tall ones. Short girls should avoid capes, extra duppattas and shrugs. Make it look lighter and less voluminous from the above.

  • Opt for One Single Colour

“If you cannot convince, then confuse.” If you are short, you can increase the illusion that can be created by wearing an all in one shade. It will give an elongated look to your body and make you taller.

  • Kalis

To look leaner, you should opt for a lehenga with more kalis or even an Anarkali suit, whichever works well for your frame. But what is to be kept in mind is that it should not be floor length and there should be lesser flare or a mermaid flare instead.

  • Avoid Too Much of Jewellery

Jewellery is one of the most important accessories for an Indian bride but brides with a shorter frame should avoid it. You should keep it minimal and not submerge into the gemstones completely avoid over-acessorizing.

  • A Big NO to High Necks

Short brides should completely go for a v-neck or a round neck but never for a high collared blouse. It is going to be devastating and no bride wants that to happen on her big day! You won’t like to look choked or drowning when you are already below acceptable height.

  • High Waisted

High waisted lehengas with a thin border can be deceptive! It can make your legs look longer and eventually giving you an inch or two extra.

  • Hairstyle

The bride’s hairstyle plays an integral role too. To accentuate your face curves, you can go for neatly tied or a high hair bun. Avoid messy buns, open curls!

  • Perfect-Fit

Nothing better than a well-fitted outfit… The body hug from your outfit can actually make you feel warm both physically and psychologically! Afterall, you will give enchanting and sensuous vibes!

  • Avoid Big Motifs

It is well-evident how bling and opulence is important for Indian brides. But please don’t sway away with the feelings! Try to keep it minimum. Less can also be buzz-worthy and rather make you look more royal!

  • Don’t Take along the Entire Clan Shopping With You

“Too many cooks spoil the broth”. Take along just one or two close ones with you on your shopping spree! Everybody might have a different opinion and that could not do any good rather than confuse you all the more.

Have fun girl!