Posted on by Somdutta Singh

Resolutions don’t have to be those dreaded things you make at the beginning of every year, only to be cast aside and forgotten. When it comes to fashion, committing to some new resolutions can help reinvigorate your personal style. Regardless of whether or not you feel like you’re in a bit of a fashion rut, or you just want to take your style to the next level, 2018 is the year of making leaps.

Here are a few  to try this year.

Perfect Your Go-To Outfit

When days get busy, it simplifies life to have an outfit that is easy to put together and effortlessly chic. Building on staples with trendier items, this look will be anything but basic. Each item of clothing should be something that you feel fantastic in and can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on accessories.

Invest in Some Classic Luggage

If some trips are in your horizon, it’s time to finally put aside your old suitcase and invest in some new luggage. Traveling can be stressful enough without having to consider what might happen when a zipper breaks or that tiny hole in the bottom suddenly becomes massive. New luggage that is coordinated and sleek might not upgrade you to first class, but it sure will help you feel like you’re already there.

Find a Tailor and Dry Cleaner That You Trust

Life is too short to be wearing clothes that just don’t fit right. If you love a piece but wish it were shorter, it’s worth the price of a hemming to ensure that you’ll not just wear, but enjoy, your look.

Pick a Trend That’s Outside Your Comfort Zone

Trends for 2018 are full of accessible options. If you’re in a bit of a rut, consider dipping your toes in a new trend that maybe scares you a little. A new trend can breathe life into a staple.

Purchase Trendy Dresses That Can Do Multiple Functions

Trending pieces don’t need to be reserved for special occasions. Pick a dress that can be worn to brunch, to the office, and out and about for drinks.

Bring Some Fun Into Your Wardrobe

Fashion should be fun. While it’s really easy to get caught up in a sea of basic, by adding bursts of color and fun-filled pieces, your whole wardrobe will feel refreshed. Look for vibrant colors, intricate lines, and pieces that just make you want to smile.

Take Care of Your Clothing

Now is not the time to be lazy. Since you’ve invested in some beautiful pieces, it’s time to start treating your clothes with respect. Besides the fact that clothing that needs to be dry cleaned should be treated as such, take time to fold and hang clothes the way they should be.

Upgrade Your Day Bag

A bag can be the deal breaker for an outfit. As part of assembling a put-together look, if your tried-and-true bag is looking a little worse for wear, it’s time to invest in a new one.

Hope we’ve helped you enough! Happy resolution making!