Often times fashion and budget are the terms that people think that never get along but wish they do. And what not, they can too. Students, working class and other low-income, people who can afford only mall-shopping, rather than brand-shopping, especially want this wish to come to pass, which will too. You just have to know the right way to accomplish this.

Here are some suggestions for you to plan your wardrobe

Resisting the impulsive cheap buys

When it comes to fashion ‘impulsive buys’ is a drug which very few resists. You might be going along your way and you will see a beautiful embraided shall on sale, and all your senses will beg you to buy it. But stop right there, ask yourself these questions

  • Do you need it or do you want it? There is a difference between these
  • Do you already have similar attire?
  • How often will you wear it?
  • Will it go with the attire you already have?
  • For what occasion will you be using it?
  • Will the same attire, be available at a discounted price in the near future?


If you justify your purchase through these questions then buy it, if not then its better to avoid the purchase. No matter how tantalising the buy may be if it is not justified for the amount you spend on it then it’s not worth it.

Your fashion your choice

Usually any individual will align along a type of fashion that best portrays their character. Find out what’s yours and stick to it. Sticking to the type of fashion you like, will protect you from the impulsive cheap buys. Here are some pointers to help you choose

Fashion is something that enhances our looks. So, find out which type of fashion does that for you.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be something permanent. Fashion sense will change according to the frame of mind. But don’t allow it to change to such an extent that you need a new wardrobe. For ex- if you have been a classic lady who loves elegant styles, and suddenly you wish to have a fun and groovy look, you can mix and match your elegant office trousers with a full hand buttoned down shirt. You can choose a cardigan over it to get the fun yet elgant chick look.

Doing regular inventory

The most common mistakes which many of us do is, we don’t do regular inventory of our wardrobe to find out what we have. Often times we ladies end up buying the same colour shirt or the same type blouses or dresses without even realising we have those in our wardrobe. Having a regular wardrobe inventory will not only show us what we have, it will also give us innovative ideas for our future shopping spree.

The sell trade and toss formula

There are some of us who loves to try new styles from time to time. However, not all of us would have been particular in wardrobe choices. Sometimes our choices never agree with us. At those times instead of keeping the un-used attires inside the wardrobe you could sell them. This practice will give you enough budget for the future wardrobe shopping. Sites like ebay and amazon have always had our back in this scenario.

At the end of the day the secret to have fashionable wardrobe on a budget is meticulous planning and proper execution. Then, Fashion can and will go with your budget and your life style and choices.