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No matter how much fashion keeps evolving, skirts have and will always be a cornerstone in the apparel industry. A skirt is a highly flexible choice when it comes to choosing the right outfit for the day and provide you looks ranging from the most professional to the casual ones. Since skirts are available in a variety of styles and lengths, these have become one of the most popular items in any average wardrobe. If you choose the right skirt with the right style for your body type, you can have a wide range of looks reedy out there for you within the collection of your wardrobe.


A-Line Skirt


Named after the shape of the letter ‘A’, the A-line skirt is tight at the waist emphasising the hips and then flares out at the bottom. The A-line skirt has basic variations in the form of Godet, gypsy and Panelled skirt.

Special Feature: Draws the attention to the waistline
Basic Length: Knee length, Calf length or ankle length
Best choice/Pickup For: Curvier Women, Hourglass Shape, Pear shape, Apple Shaped
Worst Choice/Pickup: Very petite Girls, Rectangle Shaped
Best Occasion: Formal Wear, Casual Wear
Team This up with: Cotton or woollen Blazer, Well-fitted shirt, Corset, T-shirt, Heels, Boots
Fabric: Silk, Cotton, Wool, Linen, Lace


Asymmetrical Skirt


These skirts are made up fabrics that have varying lengths at the hem. These are also commonly known as High-Low Skirts.

Special Feature: Chic and Elegant
Basic Length: Varying Lengths
Best choice/Pickup For: Tall Women, Well-toned Bodies
Worst Choice/Pickup: Very Slim women, Flat-Chested women
Best Occasion: Casual wear, Beachwear, Pool Parties
Team This up with: Full-sleeved buttoned-up Shirt, High heeled Lace Boots
Fabric: Cotton, Linen, Silk, Satin, Brocade, Laces


Bell Shaped Skirt


As the name resembles, this skirt sits tight at the waist, flares from the waistline and then falls straight to the knees just like a bell. It is made of heavier fabrics so that it holds in place and doesn’t lose shape.

Special Feature: Adds volume below waistline
Basic Length: Knee-length, Calf-length
Best choice/Pickup For: Well-toned waists
Worst Choice/Pickup: Heavy-bottomed Women
Best Occasion: Evening wear
Team This up with: Buttoned-up shirt, Crop tops, Heels, Boots
Fabric: Silk, Brocade


Broomstick Skirt


This skirt is a casual wear option and is wrinkles all along the length. The fabric is wrinkled when it is wet and stays the same throughout. It gives a perfect shabby cowboy look and is the best if the day is full of activity.

Special Feature: Makes you look slimmer with a shabby tint
Basic Length: Ankle length
Best choice/Pickup For: Hourglass, pear-shaped, very slim women
Worst Choice/Pickup: Very curvy women, Plump women, Apple shaped
Best Occasion: Casual Wear
Team This up with: Cotton, Woolen cardigan, Denim jacket, T-shirt, Pull-over, Heels, Boots, Flat


Denim Skirt


Denim skirts were first worn by hippies who tried to recycle denim jeans by tailoring them together. It further invaded the fashion world with tailors and designer adding laces and fabrics to the usual design. These are very popular with the cowboy styles.

Special Feature: Denim fabrics imitating the Jeans
Basic Length: All lengths
Best choice/Pickup For: Hourglass shapes, Triangle Shaped, Well-toned bodies
Worst Choice/Pickup: Very plump women
Best Occasion: Winter wear, Casual
Team This up with: High boots, Denim and cotton jackets, Tees, Shirts
Fabric: Denim


Flared Skirt


These are very similar to the A-line skirt and flare out immensely from the hem. These are very dressy and classy choice and can work for both a party or an interview.

Special Feature: Adds an aura of height to the body
Basic Length: Knee-length, Calf-length, Ankle-length
Best choice/Pickup For: Petite girls, Statuesque
Worst Choice/Pickup: Apple shaped, Very plump women
Best Occasion: Party-Wear, Casual, Formal wear
Team This up with: T-shirts, Shirts, Pullovers, Cardigans, Tank-tops, Heels
Fabric: Cotton, Linens, Silk, Satin, Lace, Nets


Layered Skirt


This skirt consists of layers of fabrics that are stitched one above the other from the hem of the skirt. This adds a lot of volume to the body.

Special Feature: Layers add volume to the outfit
Basic Length: Above Knee Length, Knee-length, Calf-length
Best choice/Pickup For: Hourglass, Slim Girls
Worst Choice/Pickup: Apple shaped, Pear Shaped
Best Occasion: Party-Wear, Casual
Team This up with: Halter Tees, T-shirts, Tank tops, Heels, Hats, Cardigan vests
Fabric: Linens, Silk, Satin, Lace, Nets


Mermaid/Fishtail Skirt


Inspired by the mermaid myths, this style has a fish cut flaring at the end.

Special Feature: Flaunts your hipline drastically
Basic Length: Calf-length, Ankle-length
Best choice/Pickup For: Strictly for well-toned bodies, Hourglass Shaped
Worst Choice/Pickup: Muscular, Heavy-bottomed women
Best Occasion: Party-Wear, Formalwear
Team This up with: Crop-tops, Buttoned-in Shirts, Halter Tops
Fabric: Silk, Linen, Georgette


Mini and Micromini Skirts


These are the skirts with hemlines just above the knee. With designer Mary Quant, these became a breakthrough in the sixties. Microminis have lengths often halfway up the thighs and are shorter. These need to be worn with a body suit underneath.

Special Feature: Caters to the young women
Basic Length: Above Knees, Midway Thighs
Best choice/Pickup For: Apple shaped, Tomboys
Worst Choice/Pickup: Very tall women, Muscular legs
Best Occasion: Friends night-out, Casual parties, Cheerleading events
Team This up with: Fitted tops, T-shirt, Full-sleeved shirts, High Boots, Sneakers
Fabric: Cotton, Linen, Chiffon or Lace, Corduroy


Pencil/Tube Skirt

These are straight and very tight at the knees. Again, one must have a perfectly toned body to flaunt the curves with these ones. If not worn by a proper body type these can be a perfect disaster!!

Special Feature: Flaunts your hipline
Basic Length: Knee-length, Calf-length, Ankle-length
Best choice/Pickup For: Strictly well-toned bodies, Hourglass Shaped
Worst Choice/Pickup: Muscular, Heavy-bottomed women
Best Occasion: Party-Wear, Formalwear
Team This up with: Crop-tops, Buttoned-in Shirts, Sleeve tops, High-necks, Contrast Belts, Blazers
Fabric: Woolen, Cotton, Linen, Silk