Posted on by Somdutta Singh

You can always borrow a saree or two from your mothers and chachis, but when it comes to blouses…ugh…it’s a totally different ball game! They need to fit your body perfectly, while also making you look stylish and sexy. However, investing in a new blouse every time you buy a saree is very impractical, isn’t it? We have a terrific solution. How bout using crop tops as blouses for your sarees?



A solid blouse works well with printed sarees, whereas a plain saree gets livened up when paired with a printed blouse. Crop tops and blouses are a sexy and feminine option you must try, especially with lacy or embroidered sarees. If you’re not going for a full-blown contrast combination, then ensure that at least one colour in your blouse matches your saree.

This ultra-delicate and enticing blue lace design from IRA is such a beautiful concept to own this season. Simple, edgy and wearable – this design truly rocks!

The pale white shade with the intricate self-work is very chic and appealing. This crop top style sets off the traditional saree beautifully.


This design is forever in vogue that gives it a sophisticated picture.  Very cool and very unique! Get the temperatures’ surging with these stunning crop top ideas as saree blouses and inspire fashion around you this winter!